The best Azores events for this March 2016

The best Azores events for this March 2016

Granted, spring is a rainy season on the islands, so if you want to avoid getting wet, you should postpone your vacation for the early summer, but if you are a brave and smart traveler, you’ll know traveling during the low season is a wonderful experience. The best Azores events for this March 2016 are anyway bound to keep you occupied, should you choose to travel to this beautiful archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean during the first month of spring.

Marking the rebirth of nature and the shift back to the warm season, the first days of March also bring entertainment. Not to mention a trip to the Azores in spring can be very educative as well. The islands are home to a lot of marine animals, such as the Bottlenose dolphin, Risso’s dolphin, the Striped dolphin, the Fin whale or the Pilot whale. A special place in this ecosystem is held by the Blue whale, whose migration can be witnessed in March, particularly in Faial, Sao Miguel and Pico.

Between the 19th and 24th of March this year, join the most enthusiastic surfers for the Azores Wave Week 2016. It’s an exciting sport and the waters of the Atlantic Ocean are irresistible for any boy or girl with a surf board!

Sao Miguel becomes the musical capital city of the Azores between the 15th and the 19th of March 2016 with the TREMOR annual music festival. This year’s is the third edition of the – already – popular event. It’s not just a music event, but one that combines songs with workshops, art and street parties.

The last day, March 19th, will take Ponta Delgada over completely with a full day, non-stop party in multiple venues.

The city is bound to be crammed, so it might be a good idea to book your lodgings, tickets and Ponta Delgada airport transfers in advance.