Sete Cidades full day tour

Sete Cidades full day tour

Sete Cidades, is a  village on the Green Island of Sao Miguel and it is a true haven of peace and natural beauty that any exotic traveler must see. All around Sao Miguel, among pastures and mountainous landscapes, the traveller will find picturesque villages scattered over the hills and valleys.

Sete Cidades lies at the bottom of the crater and it was called by the Latins in the first centuries AD, “The Land of the Seven Tribes”. With a Sete Cidades full day tour you can see all the land and take the best pictures of the place.

Description Sete Cidades full day tour:

9:00 – Pick up in Hotel or in city center

9:20 – Carvao pointview

9:30 – Empadadas Lake

10:00 – Canario Lake

11:00 – Vista do Rei pointview

11:25 – Salto das freiras Pointview

11:30 – Santiago Lake

11:50 – Sete Cidades Church

12:00 – Lunch Time

13:30 – Mosteiros  (most western village from S. Miguel)

14:30 – Escalvado (Mosteiros) Pointview

15:00 – Ilha sabrina or Ferraria Pointview

15:30 – Pineapple plantation

16:30 – Drop off Hotel or City Center

How to take a tour? It is very simple. Just book a Ponta Delgada Tour and the driver will pick you up from your hotel and he will bring you back at the end of the day with a sack full of stories and a lot of picaresque pictures.