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Are you going to the Azores Islands for the first time and have no idea where to go first? Azores tours can help you out and take you to the most idyllic corners of the islands that are the pride and hidden gem of Portugal.

Whenever you find yourself in a new place, there is a momentary sense of panic and disorganization. You ask yourself questions like, where am I? Where do I start exploring this place? What if I get lost?

This is why booking Azores tours, at least if you are on the island for the first time, is recommended.

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If you are looking for a different Azorean experience, you can always try our Azores Hiking Trails.

Most requested Azores tours

Azores ToursThe offer of Azores tours is quite flexible and you can request your personalized itinerary as well. But here are a few among the established tours you can choose from.

Sete Cidades is a dramatic natural setting in the municipality of Ponta Delgada. Its name was coined by the Latins, who called it “The Island of the Seven Tribes”. The village spreads at the foot of a volcano, surrounded by pastures and forests, in a place of unparalleled beauty and peace.

The Lagoa das Sete Cidades is a lagoon formed by the entwining of two twin lakes inside the crater of the dormant volcano. It provides the water supply to the most part of the island, as well as an oasis of quiet for locals and tourists alike.

On Sao Miguel Island, Furnas is the perfect tourist spot, with its architectural mixture of medieval residences and modern reinterpretations of these buildings, parks like Terra Nostra and Casa das Murtas and spectacular hot springs and geysers.

Povoacao is the ultimate getaway for somebody in search of wild beauty and fresh air. At the foot of the volcano lies this land of high mountains, green forests and rich valleys covered in colorful flowers. Most of the architecture in town was built in the 19th century, so you will surely appreciate the romantic touch.

The waters of the Lagoa do Fogo lake seem to blaze in the morning sun. It is the perfect place to take the most emblematic picture from your Azores trip.