Enjoy Sao Miguel’s top summer destinations!

Lagoa Canario

1. Lagoa de Santiago appears to be a deep lagoon situated in Serra Devassa, at the bottom of a volcanic crater and it’s connected to the volcanic structure of the Maciço das Sete Cidades. It rises 334 meters above sea level, it’s 475 meters broad, 29 meters deep and 700 meters long, being flanked by plantations of cryptomeria and typical Macaronesian woodlands.
Miradouro da Lagoa de Santiago – From here, you can see a tiny vulcan lake that is surrounded by lush, unspoiled vegetation. You can get there by taking one of the many nearby treks, but to obtain the greatest views, continue walking for another 500 meters after you reach the designated viewpoint.

2. Ponta da Ferraria is a stunning beach located on the island’s westernmost tip. It has a tiny hot pool and is well-equipped with restrooms, showers and changing areas as well as a lifeguard on duty.
The pool’s water is heated by a geothermal natural spring that lies beneath the waves and mixes with the ocean’s cold water to create a range of temperatures from 18 to 28 degrees Celsius.
Check the tide schedule on the day you visit to see when it is low tide so you can easily enter the pool.
Additionally, the black volcanic stones on the beach make it incredibly hot, so bring sunscreen!

3. Despe-te Que Suas is a stunning viewpoint situated in the parish of Algarvia, municipality of Nordeste.
The cities of Algarvia and Santana, as well as a portion of the island of So Miguel’s north shore, are all visible from this vantage point.
Another overlook with breathtaking sea views may be found on this captivating island. On a beautiful summer day, you can come here and enjoy a picnic while taking in the scenery, as the area is furnished with tables and benches.

4. The Ribeira dos Caldeires Natural Park, with its rushing streams, cascading waterfalls and bursts of bright hydrangeas, best exemplifies the natural splendor of the Northeast region. With mountain routes carved into the rock, pathways through the jungle to explore and endless photo opportunities all along the way, it’s also the ideal place for adventurous hikers.
The major attraction of the park is its breathtaking series of waterfalls, which are encircled by high cliffs and a verdant tropical forest and offer the perfect environment for canyoning and abseiling activities.

5. One of Sao Miguel Island’s outstanding natural settings is Lagoa do Canario. The lake, which is 800 meters above sea level and situated in the Ponta Delgada municipality, is reachable by a short climb. The lake or lagoon is a stunning shade of green that will leave you speechless.
This tourist destination is a component of the Parque Florestal da Mata do Canário, which has one of the most intriguing landscapes on the island as well as indigenous Macaronesian plants.
Given the precious nature’s abundance of trees, plants and flowers, the walk through the greenery instills a sense of tranquility in you.
The journey’s unexpected reward is the spectacular and distinctive scenery of Lagoa do Canário.

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