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azores 2024

1. Além Mar Festival
The inaugural Além Mar Festival, organized by Aurum et Púrpura – Núcleo de Criação Artístico, will take place on the islands of São Miguel, Pico, Faial and Flores. The concerts in Faial will be held on February 3, 8, 11, and 16 at the Teatro Faialense, the Museum of Horta, the Casa Manuel de Arriaga and the Igreja do Carmo.
The primary goal of the Festival is to bring together the musical expressions of the Portuguese mainland and the islands in order to foster an inter-Atlantic cultural and social dialogue.
In order to accomplish this, in addition to the musical program, it offers a novel and distinctive typology and program in the area, generating educational possibilities for the general public.

2. BT50 Tennis Tournament
The dates of the BT50 Sao Miguel 1, Azores Tournament 2024, are February 9–10, 2024.
The largest regional association of the International Tennis Federation, the authority that oversees the sport, is Tennis Europe, which consists of fifty member nations across Europe.
With its headquarters in Basel, Switzerland, the organization actively participates in all facets of the European game. It carries out assignments from the ITF and also plans several tournaments and events on its own, including the European Tennis Championships.

3. Tremor Festival
Tremor Festival, an Azorean festival dedicated to creative discovery, will return to São Miguel Island from March 19–23, 2024, offering a wide range of musical experiences.
Music lovers should be enthralled with the unique lineup of musicians who have been unveiled as the first wave. Cole Pulice, an Oakland-born saxophonist, composer and electro-acoustic performer via Minneapolis, is leading the way. Following the success of their debut album “Gloam” and several noteworthy collaborations, Cole Pulice makes a comeback with their most recent solo project, “Scry.”
This modern masterwork combines live signal processing, electronics and saxophone synthesizers.

4. Music Creation Workshop
This music creation workshop represents a comprehensive workshop focused on collaborative musical exploration, aimed at social and musical agents, who engage with communities.
This event, which is scheduled for April 6 and 7, aims to spark a conversation on how everything intersects in a casual and interactive setting.
The relationship between leadership, creativity, teamwork, communication, teaching and learning processes will all be explored through the lens of music education.
By fostering an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect, this approach seeks to create an inclusive social and musical journey where all participants are encouraged to grow in their ability to communicate, interact with others, communicate socially and interpersonally and express themselves creatively.

5. Azores Cubikon 2024
On April 13, 2024, the Portuguese Island of Sao Miguel in the Azores will host the Azores Cubikon 2024 at Game On in Ponta Delgada.
Along with talking about Cubes, the participants will, of course, compete. There will be competition as well, occupying one side of the competition hall.
Here you’ll find a lot of timers flashing with fresh personal bests set by rivals and, maybe, a merchant selling everything you need to acquire cubing-related goods.

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