Discover the marvels of Ponta Delgada!

gruta do carvao

Come and discover Ponta Delgada, one of the most beautiful corners of nature, a unique paradise where you can discover new places each day! Ponta Delgada began as a common fishing village whose fishermen were once attracted by its safe coves, but soon began to have a higher role, that of the main port of the São Miguel Island.

Ponta Delgada is today a cosmopolitan city, outward looking, with a lively economic and cultural life, becoming the accurate expression of dynamism and adaptation to new changes and new times. This colorful place, enriched with an outstanding and exotic character, represents one of the most visited and popular holiday destinations, which definitely cannot be missed.

Carlos Machado Museum

Once in Ponta Delgada, you have to visit the marvellous Carlos Machado Museum. The quirky collection of regional ethnography on display at the Carlos Machado Museum offers a fascinating glimpse into the customs and traditions of island life. Founded in 1876 and named after its founder, the museum is housed in the former 16th-century monastery of Santo André, and is worth a good hour of your time, especially if visiting with kids, who will appreciate the miscellany of lovely antique toys and trinkets from the early 20th century.
As well as showcasing Sao Miguel’s fishing and farming industries, the museum holds a permanent collection of period and contemporary paintings and sculpture, important works that include paintings by local artist Domingos Rebelo (1891-1975).

The museum hosts the Collection of Sacred Art, gathered in the Jesuit College Church of Ponta Delgada, a monumental example of religious architecture, inserted in the Baroque Circuit.
The gallery includes important pieces of Portuguese Art, such as a set of six 16th century paintings: “Santa Margarida and Santa Apolónia” and “Santa Catarina and Santa Bárbara”, created between 1510 and 1520, by the artists of the School of Coimbra, Vicente Gil and his son Manuel Vicente.
The museum’s separate Núcleo de Arte Sacra houses sacred art treasures, while Machado’s own natural history collection is preserved in a dedicated wing.

Lagoa do Fogo

The “Lake of Fire”, Lagoa do Fogo is another breathtaking location, a caldera with a lake at the bottom. Hidden in the centre of Miguel island, Lagoa de Fogo or “Lake of Fire” is a blue crater lake which rests in the central caldera of the Água de Pau Massif, the youngest volcano on the island. Its remote setting makes this impressive volcanic crater especially appealing to outdoor enthusiasts due to the moderately difficult 14 kilometer uphill walk that starts from Ribeira da Praia on the south coast and ends overlooking the crater’s rim. The Lake of Fire represents a protected nature reservation and the crater’s walls are covered with a multitude of endemic plant species. You can easily spend an entire day here, admiring the beauties of this marvellous place and indulging yourself with an invigorating mineral bath while exploring Caldeira Grande.

Gruta do Carvão

Located in the western part of Ponta Delgada city, Gruta do Carvão is the longest lava tunnel of São Miguel island and it extends for 1912 metres divided in three separate sections. There is another cave with a similar name, called Algar do Carvão on Terceira. The explanation is easy, Carvão means coal in English, and it refers to the black colour of the cave walls. Most of the caves on the islands are lava tubes, and lava has very often this dark black colour. As a result there are various “Coal Pits”. Of course, there is no coal found on this islands.
The entrance is behind a factory, a flight of stairs, lit by a string of light bulbs, which leads to a roomy passage. The passage ends where a large stormwater drain broke into the cave ceiling. Gruta do Carvão has some extraordinary multi-coloured rock formations with weird shapes, really impressive, which cannot be missed!  They are the result of lava remains cooling down in the tube.

Come and discover the marvels and beauties of Ponta Delgada. Be part of this wonderful adventure in the middle of a spectacular blend of colors, landscapes and feelings!
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