Top 3 things to explore in Nordeste

Top 3 things to explore in Nordeste

The wondrous Azores Islands deserve a lot of attention and a place on every trave list, so today we are going to talk about the top 3 things to explore in Nordeste.

True, the Portuguese colonists didn’t exactly try their hardest to find an imaginative name for this part of the Island of Sao Miguel, Nordeste (North-East) is a pretty self-explanatory indication. But don’t let the banal name turn you off. This small and scarcely populated municipality on the largest island in the Azores is a lush haven, forested and scenic, alternating rich river valleys and high peaks.

For the seasoned hiker, climbing the mountain peaks here may not seem like such a big deal; after all, the elevation of the highest point on the island, Pico da Vara, is only 1103 meters. But both this and the other peaks – Pico Bartolomeu, Pico Redondo, Pico Verde – are covered in deep scented forests and offer the most enchanting panoramic views over the archipelago.

If you want a bit of privacy, go sunbathe at the Praia do Lombo Gordo. This differs quite a bit from the luxurious, modern conditions other beaches in the Azores provide, but it is a perfect place for shy people in search of a secluded stretch of sand. Perfect if you are among those people who like to enjoy the sound of the gentle waves crashing against the land.

Garden of Quinta Do Moinho is a small and “secret” botanical garden in Nordeste. Exotic scented flowers, romantic gazebos and quiet walks in this park is what you should expect. It’s a nice place to explore hand in hand with your loved one.

Getting to Nordeste from other parts of the Azores is not a problem. If you don’t have a car for the trip, you can get an Azores airport transfer to Nordeste.