Faial da Terra / Salto do Prego trail

Faial da Terra / Salto do Prego trail

On the South East part of the azoreean island of Sao Miguel the visitor will encounter an unique village called Faial da Terra. This village and all the are ais the home of unique and protected flora and breathtaking landscapes.

Salto do Prego is a magnificent and imposing waterfall which falls on a beautiful lagoon.

We propose you a circular trail from the Faial da Terra village to the Salto do Prego waterfall and back. For a better view of the waterfall, just book the Faial da Terra / Salto do Prego trail and enjoy the trip!

Description of the Faial da Terra / Salto do Prego trail

Category: Circular
Difficulty: Medium
Distance: 4.5 Km’s
Medium time: 2 h

The small circular Faial da Terra / Salto do Prego trail starts and ends in Faial da Terra village, and lasts a total of about 2 hours. The trail starts on the riverside of Faial da Terra going up for about 300m, after which the visitor will encounter a crossroad and should turn right. Walking on a foot path, the visitor will follow the bank of the river and gradually will move away from the village to enter a forest where the incense and the acacias are the predominant trees.

Further on the road, on your right you can see an old water mill which was recently abandoned. Also you will notice the existence of small orchards along both banks of the river. After about 800m you will arrive to a small bridge, after which the way has a steeper climb at the end of which, there is another crossroad where the visitor has to go right towards the Salto do Prego waterfall. Continuing straight ahead, you will encounter a new cross road where, if you turn right you will go towards the Salto do Prego waterfall or, if you turn left will enter another trail. After visiting the waterfall, all you have to do is to turn back and follow the second crossroad to the right, towards the old village of Sanguinho. In this village, which is now recovered, you will find typical old buildings and small agricultural farms. All along the way there are some examples of Sanguinhos, endemic plant of Azores and Madeira, which are told to have been once abundant in the area, from which the village’s name.

In the final part, you should walk down the winding path of sidewalk stone which will take you to the starting point of the route. On this trail it’s worth making short stops to observe the landscape, while coming back to the Faial da Terra village. The walkers are requested not pick up fruits or vegetables throughout the rail.


From Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 1:30 pm
During the weekend from 9:30 to 2:00 pm

Included in the price: Hotel Pick up e Drop-off, Insurances, Snack’s, Water
Not included in the price: Lunch, Transfer by car/van

Important information:  Do not forget to mention the name of your hotel and your room number. The children must be accompanied by an adult.

Just book an  Azores Hiking Trail to visit a great waterfall and have the chance to admire unique flora.