Povoacao, an amazing Azores destination

Povoacao, an amazing Azores destination

“It is a truth universally acknowledged”, as the story goes, that volcanic islands are a beautiful, idyllic scenery, offering every weary traveler a once in a lifetime opportunity to escape reality in a secluded, wonderful corner of earthly paradise. One such place is Povoacao, an amazing Azores destination whose secrets we would like to unravel in a few lines.

Povoacao Velha was the first Portuguese settlement on the Island of Sao Miguel in the Azores. This historical place combines culture with a breathtaking setting, located over the craters of the two semi-dormant volcanos of Povoacao and Furnas. The municipality is encircled by mountains, forests and fresh river valleys, but also bordered by the shores of the Atlantic Ocean.

Apart from tourism, Povoacao lives off fishing and agriculture. Here are the main attractions to consider in town and its surrounding area:

The city center preserves the main square in Povoacao, a historical place, but also a beautiful promenade, where you can sample the best of life in the Azores.

Golf is one of the favorite sports in Portugal. Though a remote province, the Azores archipelago retains the love for this pastime. So there are golf courses here as well, one of which is the Furnas Golf Club.

Working since 1883, the only commercially active tea plantation in the Azores and in Europe is the Gorreana Tea Plantation. You can take an amazing tour of the plantation to see how tea is produced and to sample the amazing aroma of the authentic beverage.

On the coast, don’t miss the Discoverers’ Gate, said to be the very place where settlers first disembarked on the island around the year 1440.

In Furnas, not far from Povoacao center, you can enjoy a moment of respite at the Chapel of Nossa Senhora das Vitorias.

All these and more can be explored if you take an Azores transfer to Povoacao.