A bath in Furnas

A bath in Furnas

We can’t stress enough just how beautiful life on the islands is. The Azores, each of the 9 islands that make up the Portuguese-governed archipelago, are an earthy corner of Paradise that deserves being explored and appreciated. Today, we suggest taking a bath in Furnas. Give us a moment and we’ll tell you all about that!

Sao Miguel is the largest and probably (arguably) most beautiful island in the Azores. Furnas is located there, at the center of a luxuriant, evergreen valley that bares the same name. The physical geography of the place is outstanding, mostly volcanic (which accounts for the rich soil and the scenic landscapes) and there are some hot springs in the village of Furnas. These thermal baths spring from the ground right in the sub-tropical sun of the Azores.

Like the Blue Lagoon in Iceland, Furnas is the Portuguese (or, well, Azores) equivalent: a hot, steamy lake fed by a spring with geothermal water. The water of the thermal baths is not only pleasantly warm, but also retains curative properties. It is rich in iron and, although it dyes your nails orange, it also cures several ailments and provides a pleasant bathing experience, enjoyable for the entire family or for a couple or group of friends.

After the bath, you can wander around the natural area, enjoying the fresh air and the scent of conifers, ferns, but also palm trees in the lush Atlantic forest.

Though three of the volcanoes making up the Furnas Volcano Complex are active, they are not to be feared when it comes to the island’s geysers. Apart from the natural beauty, in Furnas you can admire medieval and traditional houses owned by the locals and if you are staying elsewhere in the Azores, you can count on Azores airport transfers to Furnas to take you on this amazing trip!