3 Spots not to miss in Ribeira Grande

3 Spots not to miss in Ribeira Grande

Today’s destination of choice is a place that must make your visit list for your Azores Island trip. So here are 3 Spots not to miss in Ribeira Grande, one of the most quiet and picturesque parts of the Island of Sao Miguel.

The name “Ribeira Grande” comes from the early Portuguese colonists who settled around the shore of the great river. This happened in the 15th century. Meanwhile, the new town blossomed by raising cattle, cultivating the green, rich pastures and producing fruits and wine. Today, the parish lives mostly off tourism, which is totally understandable: the breathtaking natural setting, the priceless silence of the green plains with just the hum of the ocean make Ribeira Grande an amazing escape land.

Would you like to visit the only functioning tea plantation in the Azores and also in Europe? The fascinating Gorreana Tea Estate awaits just a few miles away from the core of Ribeira Grande. It covers 50 hectares and produces around 30 tonnes of authentic, aromatic tea yearly. You can visit the factory that has been functioning since 1883 and the adjacent museum (where you can admire the original machines used to process the tea leaves). This is a very entertaining option also if you are traveling with your kids.

Right in the middle of the city, you can take a walk through the Municipal Gardens of Ribeira Grande. The place is straight in the middle of the city, so you really have no excuse: take an Azores transfer to Ribeira Grande and it can drop you off there!

And in the evening, come meet everyone at the Star Square, next to the cathedral Nossa Senhora da Estrela and the Town Hall. This is the most famous meeting place in town, one which you shouldn’t miss in your wandering around the parish!